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Imaging Technologies


Digital Radiography

Our portable x-ray machine is available for on-farm and in hospital use. The ability to take and immediately review x-rays allows our veterinarians the ability to diagnose and create a treatment plan for your horse – often in a single visit! Our digital x-ray machine is equipped with a mobile internet source, which allows us to send x-rays to referral hospitals for surgical planning or consultations, if needed.

X-Ray of fractured front leg

Digital Ultrasound

Each veterinarian has a portable ultrasound machine in their truck at all times. Ultrasound is used as a diagnostic tool: Ultrasound examination is used widely for reproduction (breeding soundness evaluations for the mare and stallion, reproductive management, pregnancy evaluations) and trans-abdominal ultrasonography. Additionally, ultrasonography can be used to examine soft tissue structures in the distal limb or other soft tissue structures, such as the abdomen. For example, ultrasound allows our doctors to pinpoint a problem area and assess the degree of damage within a tendon or ligament during a lameness exam, to monitor healing or guide needle placement during treatment.

Equine Ultrasound

Video Endoscopy

Video endoscopy is available in our hospital. Endoscopes are long, flexible cameras that allow direct visualization of inaccessible areas of the body, such as the airway, guttural pouches, ethmoids or stomach. These images are projected onto a screen and recorded. Endoscopy is an essential part of evaluating poor performers, upper airway obstructions, abnormal respiratory noises (“roarers”), lung disease and chokes.

Endoscopic Picture of Horse Larynx