Equine Veterinary Hospital of Northern Indiana, PC
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Ambulatory Services

Our on-farm services include (but are not limited to) wellness, preventive care, reproductive services for both the mare and stallion, neonatal medicine, sports medicine, comprehensive lameness evaluations and treatment, pre-purchase examinations, auction and sale testing, internal medicine (colic, choke, ophthalmic disease, metabolic testing etc) and minor surgical procedures (wounds, field-castrations etc). Digital radiography and ultrasound are also available on farm. Our veterinarians each have fully stocked ambulatory vehicles and provide 24-hour emergency services.

  •  Fully stocked ambulatory vehicles
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Preventive Medicine (Vaccines, Deworming, Health/Soundness Evaluation)
  • Power Dentistry
  • Internal Medicine (Ophthalmic Disease, Wounds)
  • On-Farm Reproductive Services (Mare & Stallion)
  • Sports Medicine (Comprehensive Lameness Evaluations & Treatment)
  • Auction & Sale Work
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Digital Radiography & Ultrasonography